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Medical Physics

About Department

                           Objectives of the department:


Commissioning of Medical Accelerator, radiation treatment planning, accurate and precise dose delivery to patient, radiation dosimetry, dose calculation, Calibration, Quality Assurance, maintenance of the Tele-therapy and Brachytherapy machines, procurement and disposal of radioactive sources and finally ensuring radiation safety for the patient, staff and public and implementation of radiation protection rules as per Atomic Energy Regulatory Board guidelines are some of the important functions of the department. The department actively involves in medical physics research, education and training of medical physicists, radiation oncologists and radiotherapy technologists. International standards of dosimetry are maintained by participating in international IAEA/BARC dose inter-comparison program. The Department also advises and assists allied departments like Radiology, Nuclear Medicine to implement radiation safety, procurement of radiation generating equipment and radioactive sources.



A.                   Linear Accelerators, Varian True Beam SVC equipped with RGSC- 2 Nos.

B.                    Vision RT SGRT – 2 Nos.

C.                   HDR Brachytherapy – Flexitron – 1 No.

D.                   Eclipse Treatment Planning System- 10 Nos.

E.                    Oncentra Treatment Planning System for Brachy- 1 No.

F.                   Velocity – 2 Nos.

G.                   ImSim QA- 2Nos.

H.                     Octavius 4D with 1500 array detectors for patient specific QA- 1 No.

I.                     Octavius 4D with 1600 liquid filled detectors for SRS QA-1 No.

K.                   Beam Scan Radiation Field Analyser- 1No.




Treatment Techniques Available:

-          3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, SRS, SRT, IGRT-  Brachytherapy



Academic Activities:

Following academic programs are undergoing in the Department:


-          Post M.Sc. Diploma course in Medical Physics in collaboration with Jadavpur University.

-          Ph.D. in Medical Physics under affiliation of West Bengal university of Health Sciences.

-          Teaching faculty of MD Radiotherapy.

-          Teaching faculty of Ph.D. course.

-          Teaching faculty of Diploma in Radio therapeutic Technology (DRT-Tech) and Diploma in Radio-diagnosis Technology (DRD-Tech).

-          One year Internship in Medical Physics.

-          Internship in DRT(Tech.)

-          Clinical training of DRT (Tech) students from other institutes.

Contact Mail Id: deptofmedicalphysics.cnci2@gmail.com


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Prof. Dilip Kumar Ray Professor and HOD
2 Shri Soumen Bera MEDICAL PHYSICS
3 Shri Sudipta Mandal MEDICAL PHYSICS
4 Shri Sourav Mandal MEDICAL PHYSICS