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Laboratory Medicine

About Department

Different sections of
disciplines of Laboratory
Medicine namely :

i)Pathology, ii) Medical Microbiology,  iii) Medical Biochemistry

iv) Transfusion Medicine v) Immunology and Infectious disease Serology vi) Molecular diagnostics are present in the department.

Objectives of the Department:

All sections interact effectively with allied departments by rendering services in basic and in advanced laboratory investigations.  Demonstrate application of laboratory medicine techniques in a variety of clinical settings to solve diagnostic and therapeutic problems.  Interact with clinical colleagues during ward round,   for other investigations, if necessary, and help in comprehensive decision making in patient’s management and follow up. Ensure routine conduct of External Quality Assurance Program & Internal Quality Control Programs and take corrective steps, when needed.



Department of Pathology:

i)Haematology:  Consists of 6 part cell counter , Fully automated ESR ,Flow cytometry, Coagulation profile

ii) Clinical pathology

iii) Histopathology and Cytopathology including fully automated immunohistochemistry and frozen section

Department of Microbiology , Serology & Immunology:

 Automated state of the art microbial identification system MALDI TOF( first in the state)

Automated blood culture system

Automated Sensitivity 

CLASS II A2 Biosafety cabinets

BOD incubator

Fully automated CLIA



Department of Molecular Diagnostics:

i)                    Molecular Pathology

ii)                  Molecular Microbiology


Department of Clinical Biochemistry:

Fully automated clinical chemistry


Tumour Marker

Serum Protein electrophoresis



Department of Transfusion Medicine:

We provide safe blood transfusion of all patients. Blood donor counselling, motivation and retention of every donor is integral part of voluntary non-remunerated blood donation. Voluntary blood donation, Serology reactive donor counselling and their treatment,

Donor Blood testing: Blood grouping, HIV-I&II, HCV, HBV, Syphilis, Malaria, Irregular antibody screening of all donors in advanced technique. Crossmatch, DCT,ICT, Phenotyping of RBC

Blood components therapy- P.R.B.C., Platelet Concentrate, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Cryoprecipitated ANTI- Hemophilic Factor, Cryo-poor plasma,

Cellular therapy-Platelet Rich Plasma therapy

Hemostasis management through appropriate blood components therapy (Single donor platelet/platelet concentrate, Fresh Frozen Plasma/Cryoprecipitate)

Apheresis product- Single donor platelet (SDP) and Single donor plasma

Therapeutic: Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE), Exchange Blood Transfusion for Neonate and Adult, Therapeutic Leucocytapheresis, Therapeutic Plateletpheresis,

Bone marrow/ Stem cell Transplantation: Bone Marrow / Peripheral stem cell collection, Stem cell preservation and Transfusion.

Special products: Leukodepleted P.R.B.C.,Leucoreduced Platelet, Irradiated Cellular blood product.

Special procedure: Cryopreservation of stem cells . Rare RBC antigen cryopreservation.



Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Sankar Sengupta MS and Head of Lab Services
2 Dr. Subhranshu Mandal Specialist Grade II
3 Dr. Dipkana Das Specialist Grade II
4 Dr. Garima Chauhan Specialist Grade II
5 Dr. Debanjan Ghosh Specialist Grade II
6 Dr. Rathindranath Biswas Specialist Grade II
7 Dr. Namrata Maity Specialist Grade II